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We recommend these albums for your collection. We’re giving it a preview rate based on tracks released, fans expectations, and our recent critics. (latest update on June 3rd, 2014)

June 10

  • 48:13  by  Kasabian  (preview rate: 6/10)  #indie
  • Lazaretto  by  Jack White  (preview rate: 8/10)  #altrock
  • War Eternal  by  Arch Enemy  (preview rate: 8/10)  #metal

June 17

  • The Hunting Party  by  Linkin Park  (preview rate: 7/10)  #hardrock

June 24

  • Once More ‘Round the Sun  by  Mastodon  (preview rate: 9/10)  #metal
  • 5 Seconds of Summer  by 5 Seconds of Summer  (preview rate: 7/10)  #poprock

July 1

  • Isolate and Medicate  by  Seether  (preview rate: 9/10)  #grunge

July 15

  • Redeemer of Souls  by  Judas Priest (preview rate: 8/10)  #metal