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Welcome our first visitors. On the late of the month, another insightful blog had released. After experiencing the development of almost the last year, topic to topic, finally on this day (23 February) this blog was officially released with a new topic in the field of ‘rock’ music. Together with a variety of prayer, hope and efforts, ‘RocKnocks’ finally chosen as the identity that will brings you the life and breath of ‘rock’. We also strive for music rock / metal will be knocking on the hearts of music lovers worldwide who may have been or are missed from the sound of rock. Specific expectations of the future would rock music such as hard rock / metal is no longer regarded as something crazy music and heartless, but a music that knocked the heart with its own style. This portal doesn’t intended only to the rockers but to all that interested in music.

Hopefully this blog will be useful and please leave comments, ratings, feedback, etc. for the sake of future development. Hopefully you are willing to go back and read this blog’s articles with the same enthusiasm as when you read this post.



Victor W.


  • Name                 :  RocKnocks
  • URL                    :
  • Years Active  :   2011-present
  • Genre                 :   Rock Music
  • Subgenres        :   16 + including: PopRock, ProgressiveRock, SoftRock, HardRock, Heavy Metal, Christian Rock, Punk Rock, AlternativeRock, Grunge, PopPunk, IndieRock, AlternativeMetal, RapRock, NuMetal,  Emo, ElectonicRock, and more

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