The New Bright Eyes Debuts on Billboard 200

Bright Eyes, an Omaha Indie Rock band had released their new album.This seventh studio album titled “The People’s Key” released on 15 February, the lead vocalist Conor Oberst’s 31st birthday. The album picked ten tracks plus one track on i-Tunes Pre-Order Edition.

In interview with Billboard, Conor said that he wanted to make a record that was modern-sounding and steer clear of some of his tendencies, melodically. However, Oberst says he and his bandmates aren’t worried about the heavy subject matter or sonic changes driving fans away.

The album charted at number 13 on its first week on Billboard 200. The album also charted at number 3 on Rock Albums, 7 on Digital Albums, 3 on Independent Albums, 3 on Alternative Album, and number 1 on Tastemaker Albums Chart.


The first single of the album hasn’t been confirmed. It’s possible to take the tracks such as “A Machine Spiritual (In the People’s Key)”, “Shell Games”, “Beginner’s Mind” and “Singularity” as singles.

Album Review

  • Artist             : Bright Eyes
  • Titled             : The People’s Key [#7]
  • Genre             : IndieRock, EmotionalMusic
  • Released       : 15 February 2011
  • Label              : Saddle Creek Recs.
  • Producer      : Mike Mogis
  • Singles           : –

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