Foo Fighters’s New Album: From Garage to The World

Foo! Welcome back with a new album after a long years since the released of Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace on Sep 2007 . “Wasting Light” is a seventh studio album with a lot of praises will be coming soon. Check your calendar on April, 12 2011 the date of its release.

The recording began from August to December 2010 in Dave Grohl’s garage. Dave (lead vocalist) promised to make heavier their new album, threated to break out the distortion pedal on it.

This is also the time for the lead guitarist Pat Smear to appearred officially on foo’s album since their 1997’s The Colour and The Shape.


The album confirmed eleven tracks, including the lead single “Rope”. The song Rope was officially released as single on March,1 a week after premiered on radio on Feb,23.  The music video can be watched on MTV, Yahoo! Music and their official YouTube channel.

Album Preview

The album predicted will be a successful as its first single “Rope” that had released a month before the album. The song “Rope” debuted at number 1 on Billboard Rock Song Charts and stay there for two weeks so far (as of week of 19 March). This is a second time in history that a single debut atop the chart since Linkin Park’s The Catalyst in 2010. This reason caused the album would be brought from garage to the world.

  • Artist             : Foo Fighters
  • Titled             : Wasting Light [#7]
  • Genre             : AlternativeRock
  • Released       : 12 April 2011
  • Label              : RCA Records
  • Producer      : Butch Vig
  • Singles           :
    • Rope (released on March,1 2011)

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