Muse Plans a Special Perform at Reading and Leeds Fest 2011


Matt Bellamy performs at Wembley Stadium (Sep 2010)

Muse has been planning for a special perform at Reading & Leeds Festival this August. So, what this plan’s for ?

Hmm, yeah… the band will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band… Really? Oh, i mean the birthday of their debut album ‘Origin of Symmetry’, not the band.

And what’s the plan? Guess what! The band will play all the songs of the album! Yeah, 11 songs at all. Why not? Matt said by himself about that on his Twitter.

So we’ll probably play Origin in it’s entirety (as well other songs) at Reading/Leeds as it will be 10 years since it came out. – M. Bellamy

It’s all clear now? But, in another time, he also stated that it’s probably the last time some of these songs will ever be played live again. So, it must be a special one, right?

Well, the festival’s going on Friday to Sunday, Aug 26-28 2011 at Reading (Berkshire) and Leeds, England. Based on schedule, Muse will perform at Leeds on friday and the last Reading on the sunday night. Muse will be headlining the festival along with My Chemical Romance, The Strokes, and Pulp.

Can’t wait for this? Ok. Don’t forget to get your tickets first. More info please go here and here.


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