Avenged Sevenfold Shoots For ‘So Far Away’ Video

Syn Gates posed with Harley D as the young 'Rev'

A good news arrived for all Sevenfoldism. The band is recently shoots for their new video for the single ‘So Far Away’. The video itself will be the second of their latest album ‘Nightmare’. This time, they taking back a professional music video director Wayne Isham who has previously directed the video ‘Nightmare’, ‘Afterlife’, and ‘Seize The Day’.Why we called Wayne a professional one because his works on so many video last years as well on Michael Jackson’s ‘Hollywood Tonight’, Bon Jovi’s ‘What Do You Got?’, Enrique’s ‘I Like It’, Muse’s ‘Resistance’, and Simple Plan’s ‘Your Love Is A Lie’.

Actors on location to shoot for video

The concept and story of the video was not revealed to public yet. But, the fact that the video will featuring some kids to act as the personels of band. The conclusion for now, the video will shows the ‘memory’ of the band with The Rev.

Left: M.Shadows (vocal) and Right: Wayne Isham (director)

Well, the video predicted will be premired on June considering the shooting has just begun. As we know,  the video of the second single ‘Welcome To The Family’ yet or even not to be released whereas fans missed their videos almost a year after the ‘Nightmare’ video comes out on July 2010.

So, just waiting and be patience on it… Stay updated with us ’till the video out! You may follow us on Twitter.

Updated: The video premiered on Tuesday, May 11 2011 on MTV. Read more…


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