Linkin Park and The Final Transformers: Why?

In the previous, i wrote an article about : Linkin Park is going to be the next – can i say ‘soundtracker’ – for Michael Bay’s Transformers. This time i would like to discuss this topic ‘Linkin Park and Transformers’. Why not ‘Linkin Park and Dark Ot The Moon’. You know, the band again and again join the project of the film. The band seems to escort the autobots grief to the end, of all the series. So, again the big question: Why? I’d like to ask you about this. Show your expression of love, or hate, perhaps no problem, or kick the wall while saying Oh, yeah! or slam your gadget if you don’t like them.

I see the project takes benefits to each other. Popularity for the band and the movie. And seems like Michael don’t wanna take the risk, if they put another band that just ‘growing’. The success of the first and second series with Linkin Park makes him to stay with them. Of course, he don’t like the last serie will be destroyed in popularity.

Ok. Now, we begin! As the opening, i’ll give my opinion about this: I frankly both like and unlike

1. I like, because you know the song float out hearts. Then i say the popularity of the band can effect the movie; the great director with the great band inside the great movie. I also like their music videos. That’s cool, right?

2. I didn’t like, because there’s many band outside them. It’s okay to put pop-rock song, rap-rock, or even metal rock songs. Just try to give them opportunity to grow well. Oh, it’s too late i know, maybe next time.

So, you can give your voice. I invite you to give your attention. No other purpose, just to discuss it!

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