From The Author: BEE Announcement

Hallo, friends. Today, three months exactly since this blog announced. Hmm, it feels like just a while since i launched the blog. First, i’d like to thank you guys of all your attention, mention, power, and support to me in writing articles. Special to WordPress for those guide for me the following year, i’ve learned and enjoyed blogging anytime i wanted to.

The next i want to say that today is the end of try out period. Thanks again to WP that also inspired me with the latest news: Just Write.That’s one which makes me wants to brave the future with announcing today we begin the Blog Expert Experiencing.

Time and time people spend to search for information makes me wanted to serve accurate infos into a few-time reading. Many website or blog fools us with served us what we didn’t need. You probably have read this:

“No results. Please try searching with another keywords.” or even –

“We’re Sorry, but we couldn’t find any documents you’re looking for.” – Ohh, really annoying.

That’s why i’ve tried to prioritizing quality in writing. Popularity is needed, but we can get it with positive way not fooling us.

BEE as i named, described as maximum knowledge, control, balance, and accuracy in blogging. These factors become complete with funny and enjoy situation we made. Bloggers not only need information, but also comfortness when blogging.

Talk about my blog, i,ve explained about choosing the theme. Rock music now have his own soul. Musicians all the way he did, shows their self-expressions. I give my honor on it, and tried to share it with friends. There’s enough for me to try, now i want to do it more and loudly.

So, please to all of you who have read this, leave me your will. If you are someone who have attention to rock music, please support me in writing articles. Not only to rockers or all around it, if you are someone who has experience in blogging, please give me materials to build and keep this blog alive. And for those who has not have anything, i said that your words will give me a power to continue on this work. What would you say?


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