Linkin Park Premiered “Iridescent” Video

A screen-shoot from the 'Iridescent' Music Video

There’s no more waiting for the video, it’s out now! The video as it explained by Joe Hahn to Mike Shinoda is about ‘In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king’, or something like that. This black and white video actually premiered June 2, 2011 on VH1 Channel/ In the day, the band via Twitter said that the video encountered a problem and will premiere its tomorrow. The video was also uploaded to MTV but disappeared a hours later. The video was finally appeared on, YouTube, MTV on June 3.

A 30 secs peek at the music video was upload to their official website a day before. A video ‘behind the scenes’ appeared on their official website on May 31 the day when Joe stated that the video has just finished, following later a 30 secs peek at the official video a day before the released of the full video. The video was directed by Joe Hahn who has previously directed another three from their latest album.

The song ‘Iridescent’ originally come from their latest studio album ‘A Thousand Suns’ as the fourth single. The later announced that the song choosed to be a soundtrack to the last serie of Transformers movie – Dark Of The Moon. The song with all songs from various artist will be packed to an album that will be out on June 14.

These are some links which could help you to watch the video. Don’t forget to catch the movie on cinemas start on the first July.






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