Can ‘Walk’ Reach The Peak Of U.S. Rock Chart?

Foo Fighters - Walk: Single Cover

Foo Fighters come back with their newest single ‘Walk’. This is from their first album to reached #1 at Billboard 200 ‘Wasting Light’. Can it will gave a same success as the first single ‘Rope’? Talk more about ‘Rope’, it was debuted at #1 Billboard Rock Songs Chart and survived there for about 14 weeks so far (until i wrote this post). It has broke the previous record in the Billboard Rock Chart since it began on June 2009. The previous one hold by New Divide (Linkin Park), Break (Three Days Grace), and Tighten Up (The Black Keys) with accumulation of 12 weeks for each of them. So, can ‘Walk’ reached the same record as ‘Rope’?

‘Walk’ officially as the second single from ‘Wasting Light’ will be released on rock radio on June 6. It means the song will enter the chart when the first single still at the top. Exciting! Just like The Black Keys with their ‘Tighten Up’ and ‘Howlin For You’.

Song Details

  • Artist             : Foo Fighters
  • Titled             : Walk [#2]
  • Album           : Wasting Light
  • Genre             : AlternativeRock
  • Released       : 6 June 2011
  • Label              : RCA Records
  • Producer      : Butch Vig
  • Appearances           :
    • ‘Thor’ (movie released: Aus on Apr 21, US on May 6)

‘Walk’ Music Video >>> Watch Here!


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