Do The Killers Still In ‘Short-Break’ Status?

The Killers performs at Lollapalooza Festival, Chile - April 2011

The Killers will heading to London this month. The band will headlining Hard Rock Calling Festival in its first day.  This should be the end of their short-break since January last year. The band began the break after touring in support for their 2008’s album ‘Day & Age’. Well, while the band has taking a break, Brandon (vocals) was released his solo project.

There’s also another reason which strengthens that ‘break-end’ possibility: the band was planned to record their new album. The band’s drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. stated that on May 17 the band will entering the studio to start writing.

Out of that, the big question actually is: “What day is the end of their ‘short-break’ status?” This question is very important! The band announced their break on January but they’re still in band’s activities. Some of our source stated that the band is still in ‘hiatus’, but they were performed in Chile and Austria last month.

Whatever will happens, better we wait until the album is out!

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