Get Ready For Trivium’s New Album

Trivium - In Waves: Album Cover

An American Heavy-Metal Band Trivium will release their fifth studio album on Aug 9, 2011. This album will be the first to feature new drummer Nick Augusto after previous drummer Travis Smith departed from the band in 2009. The album will be released via Roadrunner Records.

Tracks & Singles

The regular version of the album contains 13 songs. The first song ‘In Waves’ was released on May 21. The band also premiered the video for the song on June 17 on the band’s official website. On June 19, the band  debuted their songs on live performances in Birmingham, UK including “In Waves”, “Capsizing The Sea”, “Black” and “Dusk Dismantled”.

Album Preview

The album’s final title was announced on Twitter on June 6, 2011.

  • Artist             : Trivium
  • Titled             : In Waves [#5]
  • Genre             : Heavy Metal
  • Released       : Aug 9, 2011
  • Label              : Roadrunner Records
  • Producer      : Colin Richardson
  • Singles           :
    • In Waves (released on May 21, 2011)


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