Soulfly’s Announcing New Bassist

Tony Campos

An American heavy-metal band, Soulfly has announced their new bassist. The band has stated on the official website on July 2, 2011 that they’ve recruited Tony Campos, former member of Static-X.  He will be performing his first show as a member of Soulfly at the Lokerse Festival in Belgian Festival on July 31st.

Tony Campos, has ever working with a severe band, such as Static-X, Prong, and Ministry. He also performs both as vocalist to the band Asesino.

The latest bassist, Bobby Burns has working with the band for seven years since 2003. He left the band on July last year and working to another projects. To fill the emptiness, Johny Chow touring with the band until they’ve found the new bassist. He’s working on a tour in support of their album “Omen”, which was out on May 2010.


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