Blink-182 Announces New Album’s Title and Release Date

Members of Blink-182.

Blink-182 will soon to release their new records. On July 15th, the band has announced that the album would be called ‘Neighborhoods’. To MTV, Mark Hoppus explained the inspiration to choose the name. He said that they, each other like different neighborhoods in a city.

We each bring a very different aesthetic, talent and sound to the band. And in the differences between our ideas, the struggle and edge of all the different directions, is where the good things happen when we write together.

Everybody in the world thinks of something unique unto themselves when they hear the word ‘Neighborhoods’. To some it is a big city, others a small town, others suburbia, everything. The world is wide, exciting and very different. – Mark Hoppus

In the same day, the band also released a new song. ‘Up All Night’ has officialy released as the lead single from that upcoming album.

[We’ll write the album review in the future. So, please back-up our blog and follow us on Twitter.]

‘Neighborhoods’ will be released on September 27, 2011 via Geffen Records.


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