Fires Over Breaking Benjamin Pt.2

The band is warming up and then will be on fire. The main problem for me is just a misunderstanding and a miscommunication. One that can be seen that the two Aaron and Mark did not inform Ben or the band’s management of the remix version of the song ‘Blow Me Away’. Also, in other case, Ben fired the two bandmates via email (not face to face). This indicates the lack of good communication between them. Moreover, in January 2009 partnership agreement giving Burnley permission to dismiss Fincke and Klepaski for “cause”. Maybe it means that there is a bad sign of friendship between them since last years.

> The greatest hits album

Cover album for Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin - Standard Edition

This conflict have its impact to the album that will be released in a few days. Hollywood Records said that “Shallow Bay” was compiled “with the awareness of all of the members of Breaking Benjamin”, but Caplan said the album was put together without Burnley’s consent. He declined to comment when asked whether Burnley will try to stop the release. It also have its impact to the single ‘Blow Me Away’, that it seems the music video will not starting/continuing to release.

> Most recent situation

Cover album for Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin - Deluxe Edition

After the firing of the two members, the band has only two members Ben (vocals) and Chad (drum). There has been no one report that stated the band was searching for new members. We understood this situation because the band is still in ‘hiatus’ since last year.

> The band’s future

CitizensVoice in the opening article said that ‘Breaking Benjamin has reached its breaking point’. I agree with that. But, for us it doesn’t mean the band is ended. Just like Ben, Brian Caplan (his attorney) said that he intends on moving forward using the name Breaking Benjamin and the band will continue. It just won’t continue in its prior configuration. He’s not retiring.

Clarified in the June court filing, said that Ben is entitled, under the band’s partnership agreement, to retain ownership of the band’s name and had the “exclusive right” to tour and record under the Breaking Benjamin banner in the future, although Fincke and Klepaski denied Burnley’s claims in seeking at least $250,000 in damages and the exclusive right to the Breaking Benjamin name.

Out of all that confilct, we hope there is no longer ongoing feud between each other. It’s good if there’s a dialogue not to demand. Hopefully Breaking Benjamin can continue to work. Ben, we and fans will always support you.


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