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RocKnocks is now on Tumblr!

Hi, there!

Today is the day. Our blog sharing has just expanding the range to Tumblr. In addition, we wanted to expand the network further to other social services when it’s time.

Follow us here to get notify first of all our blog statuses, twitter and facebook updates, new video, and much more…

1.  What this blog is for?

  • Author’s explanations about the posts on the main blog (on wordpress), video blog (on blogspot), twitter and facebook accounts.
  • Author’s discussion with readers if it’s not possible on the main blog.
  • Author’s notes and short status on every events be held.
  • Any other activities on the main blog.

Shortly, this tumblr account can summarize all of the activities about RocKnocks’ network in social media/ blogs

2.  What’s the different between this Tumblr blog and RocKnocks blog on WordPress?

Our WordPress (WP) blog we called the main blog and this Tumblr blog we called blog status (mainly dedicated to our main blog). Since our WP blog announcing BEE, it’s hard to post any short post that is not qualified. So, we decided to make this tumblr our home for ‘relaxed’ activities that was not permitted on the main blog.

3. Can I asked something here?

Yes, and it’s recommended. You can ask everything about me, or about the main blog. This is the right place, because the next time, any comments in our main blog that is not match to the topic will be banned.

4. What are the official accounts of RocKnocks until today that I can follow?

That’s all. Let’s start surfing!


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