Disturbed Reveals Track Listing and Artwork For ‘The Lost Children’

David Draiman of Disturbed via his personal twitter page reveals the track listing for their first compilation album made up of previously b-sides record off their five studio albums. They named the album ‘The Lost Children’ and will be made available on November 8, 2011.

Track List:

  1. “Hell” (b-side from “Ten Thousand Fists”)
  2. “A Welcome Burden” (b-side from “The Sickness”)
  3. “This Moment” (b-side from “Ten Thousand Fists”)
  4. “Old Friend” (b-side from “Asylum”)
  5. “Monster” (b-side from “Ten Thousand Fists”)
  6. “Run” (b-side from “Indestructible”)
  7. “Leave It Alone” (b-side from “Asylum”)
  8. “Two Worlds” (b-side from “Ten Thousand Fists”)
  9. “God of the Mind” (b-side from “The Sickness”)
  10. “Sickened” (b-side from “Ten Thousand Fists”)
  11. “Mine” (b-side from “Asylum”)
  12. “Parasite” (b-side from “Indestructible”)
  13. “Dehumanized” (b-side from “Believe”)
  14. “3” (b-side from “Asylum”)
  15. “Midlife Crisis” [Faith No More cover] (b-side from “Indestructible”)
  16. “Living After Midnight” [Judas Priest cover] (b-side from “Asylum”)

And check out the awesome artwork below:

The band is on hiatus since August, and no since then the band had no plan for the future activities. The issue will be our hot topic next month following the possible new single from the album.

Last updated on album artwork Sep 23th.

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