Coldplay Premieres ‘Paradise’ Video

Keywords: Coldplay • Paradise • Mat Whitecross • Mylo Xyloto • Chris Martin • Elephant Dress • London • Karoo Desert • South Africa

An elephant escape from the zoo in London, run towards the securities, get in the train, sneak the plane, and make its way to South Africa when he meet his brothers in a desert and plays music there; all in elephant dress.

That’s the summary of a film by Mat Whitecross that has just come out this week. The story about ‘Coldplay in Paradise’ premieres on October 19,2011.

The video opens up with intro words ‘Parlophone’, ‘Mat Whitecross’, ‘Coldplay’ in ‘Paradise’. Then, showing an elephant in a zoo, counting days and finally escape to the outdoors. Overall, the band’s act, very funny – of course, when you take a look to the elephant dancing before boarded on a plane while bringing cartons with words para-para-paradise, or see the band are playing in the desert.

But, wait… You know who was the elephant that appeared firstly in the video. It must be Chris.. and that he that was riding a unicycle!

Haha, pick a smile Chris. We know that’s you!

And, now just watching the video..

Just in note, that the Hype Williams version of video was scrapped and not to be released. So, this video begins with Mat’s name to tell people that he was directed the video.

What would you say? The begins part of video – filmed around the zoo – didn’t match with the song that must be slowly, feels deep. The lyrics, not match with the story in video. And for me, the story was strange. I mean, an insane elephant wants to stay on the zoo, green, and live like living in home, while desert.. must be hell. Later in thought, finally paradise in this video maybe means freedom and not mark the place.

Finally, amazing..


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