Lamb of God Giving ‘Resolution’ In New Year 2012

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American heavy-metal band, Lamb of God reveals their upcoming seventh studio album. ‘Resolution’ coming in early 2012 near the new year celebration. The album is following ‘Wrath’ which was came out in February 2009 with the same producer Josh Wilbur.

Track List:

Fourteen tracks confirmed in the regular edition. The band also will giving bonus live album of Wrath Tour (2009-2010), but only available in the UK.

  1. Straight for the Sun
  2. Desolation
  3. Ghost Walking
  4. Guilty
  5. The Undertow
  6. The Number Six
  7. Barbarosa
  8. Invictus
  9. Cheated
  10. Insurrection
  11. Terminally Unique
  12. To the End
  13. Visitation
  14. King Me

Album by album, Lamb of God are showing their growth. Their latest record ‘Wrath’ debuted at number 2 on US Billboard 200 with 68.000 copies. So, this album predicted will be a success record. Hope so.

Release Date

Region Date Label
Worldwide 23 January 2012 Epic Records
North America 24 January 2012 Roadrunner Records

Check out artwork, and album trailer below.


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