Metallica’s Beyond Magnetic: New Songs Out Off Death Magnetic

Metallica’s new release is an extended play titled ‘Beyond Magnetic’. The album, is a collection of songs that not came out with the other ten tracks from their studio album ‘Death Magnetic’. That’s why this was called ‘Beyond-The Death-Magnetic’. As the band stated that this new tracks originally recorded during Death Magnetic session (with producer Rick Rubin), which were resulted 14 tracks, and the band picked 10 of them for Death Magnetic. The four other, now can be purchased in a digital package out on iTunes [out now].

Track List

  1. ‘Hate Train’ [6:59]
  2. ‘Just a Bullet Away’ (prev. ‘Shine’) [7:11]
  3. ‘Hell and Back’ [6:57]
  4. ‘Rebel of Babylon’ [8:01]

This release may to ‘reunite’ fans, after received much negative reviews (despite some positive) for ‘Lulu’, a collaboration album with Lou Reed. But, for you real fans, there must be a reason to love their music, one for watching their new music video ‘The View’.

Enjoy it while waiting for their new album coming next year. Join us for more updates – facebook or twitter.

Metallica & Lou Reed – The View [dir.Darren Aronofsky]


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