The All-American Rejects Reveals The Fourth Studio Album ‘Kids in the Street’

The All-American Year is 2012, when The All-American Rejects most anticipated album is coming nearly. The band finally reveals ‘Kids in the Street’ as the title for their fourth studio record. The first single will be premiered in new year is – Beekeper’s Daughter – in an episode of teen drama 90210.

For the first taste of the album, here’s Someday’s Gone, the song up from the album. The background calendar on the video claims that the album will pushed back for March 27th release (via Interscope), which was previously revealed for Feb 7th.

Confirmed Tracks:

  • Affection
  • After You
  • Beekeeper’s Daughter
  • Bleed Into Your Mind
  • I For You
  • Heartbeat Slowing Down
  • Kids in the Street
  • Someday’s Gone
  • Walk Over Me

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