End Year Note of 2011

Apocalypse. Oh no! Is that true? Nope, I think… might be so, but at least that shouldn’t be occurred until we set our goals.

A year is just about to going by. What do you got? Oh, ya remember that song, exactly illustrated condition we faced nowadays. We starting our blog since February which exactly will reach a year after this new year. A big hope from us to give you more than the general media gives you, but still got nothing at least. Firmly I said that media makes you feel nothing, but the fact is different. Instantly, to make sure you understand we remembered Foo’s lyrics to The Pretender that for me (and hopefully is the true meaning of the song) drawn that social media hide the fact from you, that rock is over or just even never born. In other case, media also killing the real ‘rock’ and built up new mindset of ‘more (strange) alternative’ that’s not exactly match with the fact. We still can heard a good song, buy a CD, attending a concert, and others. But, you now that media seemingly deny it.

This year, Disturbed announce hiatus beside ‘focus on personal live’ but here it is ‘the demise of metal and hard rock genre’ [?] Umh, let me added become ‘the demise of rock music and others’. Sounds better, huh?

I know when you say Gaga (as example) is better, we can’t reject, but we shall not giving amount respect. Some people may say, it’s your way – get out of here! But history prove it, let’s see in mid 70’s to 90’s where you can’t find nude (red. sorry) hits appears.

‘Keep you in the dark, you know they’re all pretend’…

For now and in the future, we hope never again. Let’s deal with a commitment. Let’s doing something from tonight. Make the new year is the better feel.

  1. Buy new CD. Choose the best sound, there’s some sounds that wouldn’t kill you.
  2. Pick your best song. A good song usually release as single. Feel the beat, and make a sound!
  3. Request on your local radio. This will help your fave song be listened up around your country and help it climb up various music charts.
  4. Make a simple campaign. Feel free to sharing with friends, make a poster, or like rocker?
  5. Buy tickets and go in concert. Don’t miss your fave acts in the nearest place they’re rockin’ too.
  6. Write a review in the network. Some web (such as metacritic, iTunes) lets you write a review of album, song, artist.

So, take it all, and we’ll see that media can’t deny it anymore.

Other note, the 54th Grammys nominated Foo Fighters for six nods (wtf?), became one of the leader for the next year’s ceremony. Let’s share and build a hope. Flashing Dave said –

Don’t lose faith in Rock ‘n Roll!!


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