Listen Now: ”Beekeeper’s Daughter” by All-American Rejects from Kids in the Street

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Beekeeper’s Daughter: Download Link • Song Review • Music Video

Updated: Music video premiere on VH1. Find there or just scroll down to the end of post.

Hi, kids. Are you in the streets? Wherever you are, now the new song is arrived. Now for-ever, the great tunes Beekeeper’s Daughter out to the world. The band has just perform it first last night in serial 90210, while release it digitally on iTunes that day [31/1].


The song described by Tyson as an “ear worm that is going to eat your brain”. While after listening too, I’m going to say that the song was open-minded and heavenly peace. hehe, i mean the song sounds different than the previous hits that hard knocking, now with trumpet sounding and guitar waves, but even sounds well. The song is perfect on our releaxed moment. If I must have to, I’ll rate this song 5 of 5.

Artwork: The All-American Rejects - Beekeeper's Daughter

Unlucky, the song is not free yet. You must paid few dollars to listen. Well, there’s no teaser everywhere before, even in live performances the band just like performing ‘the low quality’ of the song, so most of fans waiting for a digital release. So do I, don’t know anything before except the title was Beekeeper’s Daughter. I’m finally watch this in video a week before release in a ‘secret studio’ when the band perform this to a few fans. This maybe a strategy to increase the downloads so the single can break the billboard charts and raise a success fame as ‘Gives You Hell’. If so, we also must support it. Let’s make it #1.

Here are the link to download. Go enjoy there!

iTunes — Click here

Amazon — Click here

Don’t forget to catch the new album, out March 27. Subscribe now our blog or Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get straight updates. Below is Someday’s Gone, a track taken from the album that preceded the first single, along with album preview.

Music Video
Searching for free download? This is better, here it was! The music video which as on facebook described have its formula: Beekeeper’s Music Video = A music store + Westside Story Hipster Fights + Tyson Ritter in a cab + Mariachis. Now listen even watch it right now!

©2012. DGC/Interscope. Music video by The All-American Rejects performing ”Beekeeper’s Daughter”. Directed by Isaac Rentz.

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