Coldplay Premiere ‘Charlie Brown’ Video

The third single from Mylo Xyloto finally have its official video. ‘Charlie Brown’ premiere today at 3:00am.

Artwork for Coldplay's Charlie Brown

Making of the Video

The video for Charlie Brown shot in the late of last year in London with additional shot days before premiere. Again, the band joined Mat Whitecross (who previously directed the two singles of Mylo) to film the song. In the early leak, the concept was shown similar to Every Teardrop, with colourful graffiti, as adding some dancers with also painted in graffiti.

Last night, before premiere on the official website and VEVO/YouTube, the band posted some pictures showing the scenes of video as seen below.

Critics & Charts

In response to the album release, most critics praised Charlie Brown, some cited as the centerpiece of the album, with rich guitar riff played. The song make its airplay debut in the US on January 24, and soon charted on Billboard Rock Songs chart at #35, Alternative Songs at #27, but previously bubbling under Hot 100 at #9.

Music Video

Now, please watch the music video. Leave us comment about ‘what you think of the new video?’ or ‘what do you feel after watching the video?’

MX Info

The fourth single has announced will be Princess of China, which features Rihanna. The song will be available to download on February 14, later after the band will perform it for the first time with Rihanna in the Grammys next week.


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