Battle of Rockers: MTV Musical March Madness 2012

The battle of rockers has started!

The annual Musical March Madness hosted by MTV this year facing a lot of major bands accross the world. Most of selected band, were in working or just releasing an album, or at least on the tour or other activity. By now, the vote has started and you can choose your favorite one.

The competition divided into four group. Each group have 16 band, with a total of 64 bands. Simple rule, two bands facing each other, which one has the most vote, will step to the next round. The big four competing four big bands from each group before battle in the final match to decide the big band to crown with MMM champion title. Try to hold multiple bands from each, so if you lose the one, you might vote to another band ’till the final.

Here are the bands that choosen for this year’s MMM.

  • Click image to enlarge.
  • Did anyone noticed that Ke$ha and Gym Class Heroes are rockers? Anyone else?

This is actually a battle of fans. So, keep voting for each round, keep your eyes there for the big gold trophy on April 3rd. Go here for the map and how to vote.


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