Nickelback Premiere “Lullaby” Video

Canadian rockstar Nickelback has just premiere their video for the ballad song “Lullaby”, exclusive now on VH1.

“Lullaby” was the fourth single off their successful album ‘Here and Now’, noticing that the song was the second most charted single off the album so far, just behind the lead single. The first video for the single “When We Stand Together” surprisely passed 50 million views as the release of this “Lullaby” video. The video was directed by long-time friend Nigel Dick, who was directing most of their music videos – all videos from Dark Horse album as well.

The next video to premiere would be “This Means War”, which already filmed following the shooting of “Lullaby”. The song was typical to hard rock and sound far different than “Lullaby”.

We are always suggest you to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for next hot updates! ‘This Means War’ video premiere March 27. Stay tuned.

“Lullaby” now on YouTube.


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