Neon Trees: “Picture Show” Track List, Cover Art Released

American alternative-rock band Neon Trees, has revealed some details to their album “Picture Show”, a studio album following Habits, that featuring their successful debut single ‘Animal’ which was peaked at No.13 on Billboard Hot 100. The album scheduled to be released via Island Records in this March, but later being pushed back to April 17.

Track List & Singles

The regular edition have 11 tracks and the special edition with 4 bonus tracks.

  1. Moving In The Dark
  2. Teenage Sounds
  3. Everybody Talks
  4. Mad Love
  5. Weekend
  6. Lessons In Love (All Day, All Night)
  7. Trust
  8. Close To You
  9. Hooray For Hollywood
  10. Still Young
  11. I Am The DJ

The first single ‘Everybody Talks’ was released far behind, on December 20, 2011. There was two music videos released, one in animated version, and another ‘real’ video (watch below).

Reception & Sales Prediction

We praise the album that the band still carrying the old stuff, the new-wave style as its felt on the first single ‘Everybody Talks’. The style was similar to ‘Animal’, though the single was not well-charted until today. It was just bubbling under Hot 100 on Billboard Chart. The new album also predicted has a low-impact in sales, but should be better than their debut album. Just noticed, the first album Habits debut at No.113 on Billboard 200, inversely to the single ‘Animal’ that was a big hit. Overall, we stated that this new album still great!

The cover art for 'Picture Show', featuring a picture of a woman that also used for the cover for the single 'Everybody Talks'.

Album Details

Title    :  Picture Show (#2)
Artist    :  Neon Trees

Release  :  April 17, 2012
Genre    :  AlternativeRock, DanceRock, New-Wave
Label    :  Island Records
Single    :  Everybody Talks (released: Dec 20, 2012)


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