Big Day Rock of 2012

Next week, we ‘celebrate’ the (possibly the first) Big Day Rock of the year, when the music stores filled with rock albums from our favorite bands. Yeah, it means in the next few days there’s so many album will make its debut, as those could be listed below.

1. Shinedown – “Amaryllis
Shinedown were well-charted on mainstream charts, showing by some of their singles that tops the mainstream charts. They gains more popularity after releasing their latest album in 2008 ‘The Sound of Madness’, which release six singles overall (including deluxe edition). The seed single ‘Second Chance’ success to peak at No.7 on Billboard Hot 100 chart. The album also produce another hit single ‘If You Only Knew’. This year, following the release of ‘The Sound of Madness’, the band will release ‘Amaryllis’ with its single ‘Bully’ that soon have a mainstream popularity in the United States. Would the album bringing them more popular? Your hands will be a part of that, so buy the album since March 27 (US), March 26 (WW), or you in Australia right now!

2. Iron Maiden – “En Vivo!” (Live)
Iron Maiden will release their live album “En Vivo!” on March 26 (WW) or March 27 (US-CA) in LP & CD, DVD, Blu-ray formats. The video films during ‘The Final Frontier World Tour’ at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile on 10 April 2011. The DVD/Blu-ray edition will contains bonus: documentary film “Behind The Beast”, promo music video of “Satellitte 15” and its making-of video, also the tour’s intro video.

3. The-All American Rejects – “Kids in the Street
The band calls Greg Wells (also work with Adele for ’21’) to produce this album. Though Rytter said that Greg was ‘really spoke his language, and translated into the sound of the album’, well it might influence the sound of this album to changes alot (taking sample from ‘Beekeeper’s Daughter’). Luckily, the changes was well-accepted by most of their fans. The album will be released via Interscope on March 26, and the following day in the US. The second single will also be released days after the album.

4. The Used – ‘Vulnerable’
John Feldmann produce their album again. This time, you will feel the power of the album by tuning to ‘I Come Alive‘ that brings you their great taste. The album will be released on March 27.

5. The Mars Volta – ‘Nocturniquet’
Grammy Award winning, The Mars Volta will release ‘Nocturniquet’ on March 27 via Warner Bros. The first single being released was ‘The Malkin Jewel’.

There is other minor release next week, such as “Redemption” by Before Their Eyes on March 26, “Fire Make Thunder” by OSI on March 27. Get your own copy and see you next week, to see the chart!



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