New Coldplay Video ‘PoC’ Features Ninjas, Samurai, Rihanna as Geisha

The new Coldplay video for ‘Princess of China’ will featuring a ninja story, which unveiled that Rihanna (who also guest vocal) will role as geisha, as she described her looks at the video itself as ‘gangsta goth geisha’. By then, the video theme surely become more Japanese than Chinese. A strange idea maybe, but the same happened in Paradise video, since when elephant riding a unicycle??

The video shoots over two days, start 22-23 March, in Taiko Center, LA – kind of a studio club for Jap’s taiko drumming community. Some photos we’ve collected around the days from Coldplay, Rihanna, Taiko Center, and Fans Club, as seen below.

The big question is where are Chris’ bandmates? Will they appear in the video?

The video will be attached here after premiere. Keep updated by following us on Twitter or Facebook.
What you think of the video would be?


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