Watch All American Reject’s New Video “Walk Over Me”

RollingStone has now premiering the new music video for The All-American Rejects’ single “Walk Over Me”. The song is up from the band’s latest release ‘Kids In The Street’ as the third single. The album is out now, while the single in the coming days.

The synopsis cited from RollingStones: Augmented by animation, the group performs the track with supernatural ability, riding a goofy horse, playing with a giant snake and seeing their instruments turn into surreal objects of sound. Monsters arrive, rockets fly and a guitar headstock morphs into a crying baby.

“This video is 5,312 pictures that Jon Danovic the director, myself, our friends, and some sweet people we found on animated together to marry a song about losing your mind. It took four mind-numbing weeks, piles of cigarettes, loads of beer and a spiritual adviser to complete.” – frontman Tyson Ritter tells Rolling Stone.

The video is exclusively premiering now on RollingStone. Read the story there.


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