Premiere: Red Hot Chili Peppers Films “Brendan’s Death Song” In Jazz Funeral Style

Red Hot Chili Peppers has premiering the video for the fourth single “Brendan’s Death Song” on RollingStone. The new video is very hard touching when the scenes shows a marching musician in a funeral ceremony. The song also is the best one from the album I’m With You, which was release because of fans favourite.

“Brendan’s Death Song” was the fourth single from I’m With You. The song was written in memory for RHCP’s long-time friend Brendan Mullen. The video was shot in Brendan’s homeage New Orleans, Louisiana. The director is Marc Klasfeld, who also directing the video for the two singles off the album, each ‘Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’ and ‘Monarchy of Roses’.

In case the video was a short version, Chad stated that the full version will be released instead, which our hope will keep up the emotion.

Read the full story on Rolling Stone. The album’s video version will be posted soon. Keep your eyes on our Facebook.

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