Aerosmith Delay New Album on ‘Competing’ Reason

After speculation surfaces around the internet about the new album delay, Styven Tyler in an interview explain the reason on it. The Alan Cox Show which airs on Cleveland’s rock station 100.7 WMMS, was conducting an interview with the singer.

The album delay, which can concluded as a result of many artist will release their album in the same week (Aug 28). The reason is really ‘giving the chance to them for topping the charts’. Though, we can see that by far, no one ‘major artist’ are coming that week. In a good mind, we can see that the band are allowing others to get high charted, otherwise some fan stated “they’re affraid of the others” are so cruel. We know, that the new one is the first in at least eight years, seemly may debuts very well.

“Too many [artists] are releasing [new albums] those weeks [in late summer]. We don’t wanna step on their release dates. So we said, ‘You know what?! We’ve got the goods. [There] ain’t no doubt about it. We’ll wait another couple of months.'” – Steven Tyler.

With the delay, the new album “Music from Another Dimension!” will be out on November 6, 2012 via Columbia. The first song was released ‘Legendary Child’.

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