Dave Matthews Design ‘Away From The World’ Artwork, Album Pre-order Begins

Dave Matthews won’t calls anyone to design the artwork for his band’s album ‘Away From The World’, as he picturing his mind on the board.

The artwork are filled with nine different characters that represent the meaning of life and human life, delivered with visualization that looks similar to the early human begins, the lives before us, or whatever people called it!

Away from the world. Perhaps there will always one or some of the nine conditions make us feel so far away from the world. But remember, mercy was given so we can survive…

Oooh, so this making wishes. That’s DMB, music and meanings. You may also remember the preceeded album Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King, that’s not far ahead this new one.

Mercy’s artwork was the last part of the nine. The box in the bottom right.

Don’t forget to buy their new album ‘Away From The World’ (see our post achieves). The date was Sept 11, 2012 but you’d better pre-order it as the link was available now! Pre-order here on iTunes. ‘Mercy’ was served as the lead single. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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