Stone Sour Release New Single, ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 1’ Album Details Revealed


As it was unsure if Slipknot writing new songs, then we should to see Corey’s ‘ambitious new project’ with Stone Sour. The band is going to release ‘House of Gold & Bones’, the first since Audio Secrecy in 2010. So, what the albums sounds like? I bet those doesn’t change from the prior releases, even it sounds heavier ever, based on the first two songs being released from it.

‘House of Gold & Bones’ will be released in two parts, the first on October 12 2012 and the second in May 2013, via Roadrunner Records.

Stone Sour – ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 1’ – Track List

  1. Gone Sovereign
  2. Absolute Zero
  3. A Rumor of Skin
  4. The Travellers Part 1
  5. Tired
  6. RU486
  7. My Name Is Allen
  8. Taciturn
  9. Influence Of A Drowsy God
  10. The Travellers Part 2
  11. Last Of The Real

The first single ‘Absolute Zero’ along with the track ‘Gone Sovereign’ were released online on Aug 13th, since then the single will be played on radios.

The official artwork was partially revealed until the released of the first single. Free listen at


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