Boys Like Girls Premiere ‘Be Your Everything’ Music Video

Boys Like Girls everybody! They’re back! New single and video, also new album and tour this fall! How excitement that’s all.. Now, they’re releasing the video for the first single ‘Be Your Everything’ off the upcoming third album, Crazy World.

First look at the enchanted pictures from video production, make us sure that the video would be amazing. That’s real! Watch and feel the vibration. More to say that, Martin’s look so gentle.. The important thing that we should to know, that they’re keeping their music on course, doesn’t change and not effected by strange music that gets popular outside there.. heartfelt.

Would like to read the synopsis told by Jenna Rubenstein of MTV:

The video features the boys performing their new jam somewhere in a random desert. As lead singer Martin Johnson sings, he spots a gorgeous girl roaming the desert with a scarf on her head… He steals away to follow her, and they end up in a deserted, basically destroyed town. As they roam the town trying to find each other, puppy-dog-eyed glances are stolen until eventually the two connect and realize they were meant to be. Not quite sure what the scarf or the dilapidated village has to do with anything, but nothing else actually matters after you see Martin Johnson’s face…

The music video was directed by David McClister who has worked with The Band Perry on their most videos (as of now). It was premiered on VEVO on Aug 14th. The new album Crazy World, coming this fall. Meantime, the Crazy World EP featuring three new songs (including Be Your Everything) is out now.

Catch the Behind The Scene pictures taken by Erica Lauren from Buzznet.


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