Nickelback Premiere ‘Trying Not to Love You’ Music Video

Nickelback is giving you another gift from their latest album ‘Here and Now’. The band is releasing video for their fifth single ‘Trying Not to Love You’. The title was another ballad song off the album, another one ‘Lullaby’. Well, Nickelback was mostly known for making ballad songs, such like Far Away and I’d Come For You, beside others.

‘Trying Not to Love You’ video premiered today at 9:00AM ET on Nickelback‘s youtube channel. Subscribe now for video updates from the band!

My opinion: The video itself, looks ‘far away’ from our hopes, maybe it’s better to put a case story like the others above. But, maybe Chad is thinking from another side. But whatever it was, let just watch. What do you think? They’ve got something really funny for the love song. Maybe you can make a better video?


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