Papa Roach: ‘The Connection’ Album Details Revealed

Papa Roach is keeping their music alive, and the band are ready enough to release their new album. What is it sounds like? For you that worrying about their music, they’re still swinging around their pure music, you know! Their music still blast out against strange musics…

After listening the first single Still Swingin’ that came out last month, which make us sure the album will be the next great one! Their new album ‘The Connection’ will be released on October 2, 2012 via Eleven Seven Music.

Papa Roach – The Connection – Track List

1-13 (Standard Edition), 1-15 (Amazon Deluxe Edition), 1-14 plus five videos including music videos (iTunes Deluxe Edition)

  1. Engage (00:51)
  2. Still Swingin’ (03:16)
  3. Where Did the Angels Go (03:10)
  4. Silence is the Enemy (02:53)
  5. Before I Die (04:25)
  6. Wish You Never Met Me (04:05)
  7. Give Me Back My Life (03:58)
  8. Breathe You In (03:07)
  9. Leader of the Broken Hearts (04:12)
  10. Not That Beautiful (03:18)
  11. Walking Dead (03:18)
  12. Won’t Let Up (04:00)
  13. As Far as I Remember (03:42)
  14. What’s Left on Me (02:58) (Amazon) / You Gotta Want It (03:39) (iTunes)
  15. 9th Life (03:13) (Amazon)

The first single was Still Swingin’ (out now). The opening track ‘Engage’ was an intro. DVD Deluxe Edition features official music videos, making of Still Swingin’ and the album cover video.
Papa Roach. The Connection. 10.2.12. Label: Eleven Seven. Producer: James Michael, John Feldmann. Total Length: 44:15 (Standard), 50:26 (Amazon Deluxe)

Watch a kinetic typography video for Still Swingin’.

The techno-graph artwork for ‘The Connection’ design by Android Jones. The album comes out Oct 2nd.

[9/1] Update on tracklist and cover art. [9/29] Update on tracklist.

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