Listen Now: ‘Madness’ by Muse from The 2nd Law


The new era has begun! It kicked by the Olympics’ Survival, and now the feeling are getting right. New album coming in weeks, but you can’t wait ’till then to hear more songs. From Survival, Unsustainable, and now here is the first single.

Muse is releasing their first official single from their new, strong balls, The 2nd Law. The song ‘Madness’ is available now. It started by sting electric voices to the epic ending. I think you can’t like it once you’ve heard, but repeat it.. again.. and again.. and feel the difference. The more you play, the more you will like it.

Pre-order ‘The 2nd Law’, including Deluxe Box Set and exclusives –
Pre-order ‘The 2nd Law’ on iTunes – Deluxe Edition UK / US
Get ‘Madness’ now – iTunes UK

The digital painting artwork for Madness. The new album coming Oct 1 (UK), Oct 2 (US).


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