Aerosmith Release Two New Singles off ‘Music From Another Dimension!’

Hey, we’ve got a great news!

You know that Aerosmith has done working on new album, and it’s the first in.. eight years. Also, you once knew that the album should be out today, right? So, the fact that the album has since push back to a November release.. That is tough! But, we’re served with new single today, moreover.. two singles! What?..

Oh yeah! There are two new singles off ‘Music From Another Dimension’, those are being released today on iTunes. Those are received the first radio-play across the country last week (22/8). Both tracks were produced by Marti Frederiksen.

Lover Alot

Who wants more guitar strings? Who wants to hear a classic old-school rockers? Then, who wants to hear more than a ‘Legendary Child’? So, you must be a great lovers, huh? Here it is.. ‘Lover Alot’ is yours now!

What Could Have Been Love

Remember the ballad – Armageddon theme song, again? You’ll never forget that. That’s a real and amazing song. But, who ever thinking of a new ballad song that will be stayed in memories forever? Starting with piano touches, this new glamorous sweet rock ‘n roll song will hit your hearts, even no matter it (should) hit the charts (soon).

This is likely the mainstay single off the album.

Don’t forget to pick your copy of ‘Music From Another Dimension!’, the album is in stores Nov 6, 2012. The band is working again with the band’s classic era producer Jack Douglas, also Marti, along with Steven & Joe. We will share the new and full track listing soon, as the band seems has working on additional tracks.

Links to buy on iTunes (US):

  • Buy the first single ‘Legendary Child’ on iTunes
  • Buy ‘Lover Alot’ on iTunes
  • Buy ‘What Could Have Been Love’ on iTunes
  • Pre-order ‘Music From Another Dimension!’ on iTunes

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