‘Battle Born’ Album Trailers

The Killers’ fourth album ‘Battle Born’ is coming closer. We’d like to share you the trailers, which were already released. The four members have trailers about nicknames to their home-state. Actually, Battle Born is referring to Nevada.

This album would have a plenty of great songs. So, don’t forget to get your own copy. Pre-order now on iTunes. Battle Born coming 9/18.

Battle Born Official Trailer

The Killers – Ronnie, The Sage

“The Sage State” is a nickname for Nevada due to the wild sagebrush that grows in abundance.

The Killers – Dave, The Mining

“The Mining State” is another nickname, in reference to one of the most important industries in Nevada.

The Killers – Mark, The Silver

Nevada is referred to as “The Silver State” because of its rich silver resources.

The Killers – Brandon, The Battle Born

“The Battle Born State” is the official slogan of Nevada, and it recalls that Nevada was admitted to the union in 1864 during the Civil War.

The Killers – Battle Born – Track List

The standard edition consists of twelve tracks. Three more tracks are in the deluxe edition, which are two original songs and a remix version of ‘Flesh and Bone’ by one of the album’s producer Stuart Price. The first single ‘Runaways‘ is out now.

  1. Flesh and Bone (03:59)
  2. Runaways (04:04)
  3. The Way It Was (03:51)
  4. Here with Me (04:52)
  5. A Matter of Time (04:11)
  6. Deadlines and Commitments (04:22)
  7. Miss Atomic Bomb (04:53)
  8. The Rising Tide (04:17)
  9. Heart of a Girl (04:34)
  10. From Here on Out (02:27)
  11. Be Still (04:33)
  12. Battle Born (05:13)
  13. Carry Me Home (03:45)
  14. Flesh and Bone (Jacques Lu Cont remix) (05:45)
  15. Prize Fighter (04:38)

The Killers. Battle Born. 18.9.12. Label: Island Recs. Producer: Steve Lilywhite, Stuart Price, Damian Taylor, Brendan O’Brien, Daniel Lanois. Total Length: 51:16 (Standard)/ 65:24 (Deluxe)


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