2012 MTV VMA: Coldplay Won Best Rock Video, Green Day Partying On Stage

The year’s video music awards has turned into party surrounded by crowded light. The night, of course was not intended for sadness, frustration, and unhappiness. That night, Staples Center was filled with artists, nominators, music workers, and fans. At the end, host Kevin Hart announced that One Direction received the biggest award Video of the Year, also making them the biggest winning artist with three awards.

Then, how about rockers? Unlucky for them, as no one brought the trophy. Linkin Park failed to win Best Visual Effects, also Rise Against in Best Video with a Message. Best Rock Video goes to Coldplay, while the others… I tought the categories should be expanded next year, because of ‘Paradise’ was initially alternative, and mainstream doesn’t take it much better. Moreover, the Best Rock Video acceptance was not in the main show. Hopefully, next year would be better.

So, whose partying the night? Ahh, Green Day with their fast-beat song ‘Let Yourself Go’, the third single from Uno. The party seems match with their new album, concentrate on colourful party theme. The trio was making the night chaos a bit, when the band are going to enter the last chorus, and fans are allowed to blend together on stage.

Watch Green Day Live on VMA — MTV Live

Check out the full nominees on our blog archives.

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