Daughtry Premiere ‘Start of Something Good’ Music Video

It’s been a year since Daughtry releasing the album ‘Break the Spell’. But, we can still smell it today, moreover the album’s best single (really like it) has its music video now!

‘Start of Something Good’ is the fourth single off Break the Spell. The music video debuts exclusively on Extra, followed by VEVO. The video shoot took place at Harold’s Farm in McLeansville, North Carolina in late August, directed by Nigel Dick, who was known for directing most videos for Daughtry’s close-friend Nickelback.

To Extra, Daughtry has explained the meaning of the song and video.

[Start of Something Good] is basically the story of when I met my wife. It was one of those times where you’re starting to believe it’s the start of something good, and 12 years later, it proved to be right… Read more

Here are photos of the video shoot, as shown on Daughtry’s facebook page.

Purchase Break the Spell (Deluxe) on iTunes.


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