Soundgarden Release New Single ‘Been Away Too Long’, King Animal Pre-order Begins

We have heard some new songs from Soundgarden since Telephantasm, and their Avengers song was great. But, this should have more attention. Their new full-length album in sixteen years, yeah ‘King Animal’ is in sight. The good news that, they’re still rock, no matter what year it is. They’ve done some great music with Audioslave, or just a solo album, but this time is the time for getting back together for Soundgarden.

King Animal will be released on Nov 13 via Seven Four/ Republic Records. Stay tuned for more info about the album in future.

The band is giving the first single the same feel as the fact, because they’ve been away too long. This week is the official release for the single both in radios and digital stores, so you don’t wanna miss it. The album’s pre-order begins, and you can get the new album plus demo songs.

Pre-order King Animal on iTunes, and get instant download for the single ‘Been Away Too Long’. Standard / Deluxe

Soundgarden King Animal Details

  • Produced by: Adam Kasper. Mixed by: Joe Baressi
  • 1-13 Standard Edition (Length 52:01), 1-17 Deluxe Edition (Length 66:34).
  1. Been Away Too Long [3:36]
  2. Non-State Actor [3:57]
  3. By Crooked Steps [4:00]
  4. A Thousand Days Before [4:23]
  5. Blood on the Valley Floor [3:48]
  6. Bones of Birds [4:22]
  7. Taree [3:38]
  8. Attrition [2:52]
  9. Black Saturday [3:29]
  10. Halfway There [3:16]
  11. Worse Dreams [4:53]
  12. Eyelid’s Mouth [4:39]
  13. Rowing [5:08]
  14. Worse Dreams (Demo) [3:20]
  15. Black Saturday (Demo) [3:16]
  16. By Crooked Steps (Demo) [4:23]
  17. Halfway There (Demo) [3:34]


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