That’s True: ‘Babel’ was the Highest Creation of the Year!

None of such industries can predict it far behind, as the new Mumford & Sons’ album break the best sales-week of the year. So, this is true that ‘Babel’ gives a power for the selling, and became as tall as the building that ever constructed. The album debuts at no.1 on Billboard 200 with 600k copies sold, far from any other debuts this year (the latest record sales hold by Bieber’s Believe with 374k). It will stay atop the chart for a second week, so the industry claimed. Also, the band’s first album ‘Sigh No More’ jump to top twenty on the chart in the week of Babel’s debut.

‘Babel’ also debuted at no.1 in UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada. The album was also the year’s biggest debut in UK, selling 159k copies.

So, congrats Marcus and band mates, for the music you’ve created. Thanks to you that take an action by buying the album. Though we can see another album was suggested for a high debuts in the coming weeks, with Taylor Swift’s Red, it’s clear that Mumford & Sons are ever to hold the biggest debut this year. So, again.. thanks anyone.. we made a rock album on demand. The higher one was in 2008, while legendary rock ‘n roll group AC/DC debuting Black Ice with 784k copies sold, then becoming the second best-selling album worldwide that year.

For you that still haven’t a copy, purchase ‘Babel’ here on iTunes. US (Standard / Deluxe), UK (Standard / Deluxe)


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