3 Doors Down To Release Their ‘Greatest Hits’ Collection This November

Is it a sign to retire, or is just to remind us of greatest songs ever made?

3 Doors Down is set to release the greatest hits collection after parted away with guitarist Matt Roberts earlier this year. He was then replaced by Chet Roberts (unrelated to Matt) to record new songs for the greatest hits album.

The band’s first ever greatest hits album, consists of nine number-one hits (remixed and remastered versions) as well as three new recorded songs. In late August, a new song ‘One Light’ was debuted in a live performance.

3 Doors Down – Greatest Hits – Track List:

1. Kryptonite (from The Better Life)
2. When I’m Gone (from Away from the Sun)
3. Here Without You (from Away from the Sun)
4. It’s Not My Time (from 3 Doors Down)
5. Let Me Go (from Seventeen Days)
6. Be Like That (from The Better Life)
7. Loser (from The Better Life)
8. Away From the Sun (from Away from the Sun)
9. Duck and Run (from The Better Life)
10. One Light (new song)
11. There’s a Life (new song)
12. Goodbyes (new song)

The greatest hits collection will be released on November 19, 2012 via Universal Republic. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get new updates!


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