Watch Green Days’ Twilight Video: The Forgotten

Strings attached and the piano starts, faint violin’s forces and this will cut hearts into pieces.

After hit success with the Transformers’ single 21 Guns, now the trio punkers Green Day are bumping a new tune for the last slot of Twilight, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2. ‘The Forgotten’, the first song to introduce the movie, really turns it into the unforgettable memories.

The song, was initially written for Tre album, also appear as the third track on the Twilight’s soundtrack album, out Nov 13, on that day also drop the second part of trilogy Uno-Dos-Tre, the title Dos, featuring single Stray Heart.

The video for ‘The Forgotten’ premiere Tuesday (30/10) at 6:55PM on MTV, and now is available to watch everywhere on the band’s YouTube channel. The video was directed by Bill Berg Hillinger, and featuring scenes from the movie.

  • Pre-order Dos on iTunes, out Nov 13.
  • Pre-order Tre on iTunes, out Dec 11.
  • Pre-oder Breaking Dawn Pt.2 soundtrack on iTunes, out Nov 13.

Aww, watching the black n white video with this sad n slow song, make me feel like been to Beatles’ era. Don’t you?


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