The Killers Recalls Mr. Brightside Elements in ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’: Watch Video

The Killers’ new video for ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ debuts online on Tuesday, and quickly received a very strong praises from fan-base. On the band’s YouTube VEVO channel, it becomes one of the most-viewed video in 24-hours period.

The Killers were once again failed to disappoint us, because this time the band recalls the memories of their well-known hit Mr. Brightside, which was first released almost a decade ago.

First, is the song. In fact that Brandon was actually decided to tie the song to Mr.Brightside. We can heard the guitar riff in the bridge that have the similar to it.

Second, is the video. If Brandon wants to revisiting the characters of Mr.Brightside, so he must reunite the actors. That’s right, there are Izabella Miko and Eric Roberts in the video.

The video itself was called ‘the epic companion to Mr. Brightside.’ It have traditional animation, and live action inside. Also, the band recalls Warren Fu to direct this great video. He’s done working on the video for Battle Born’s lead single, last summer, and… the great artwork for the album.

So, is it real that Brandon wants to repeat their music? Last week, we can see that the same thing was done for their newest Christmas single, that recalls their Christmas hit five years ago, calling Santa to role again..

In conclusion, there’s alot we can discuss from the video, but let’s just watch it. Last thing, who think that they’re looking so cute in animated video?

Miss Atomic Bomb – Official Video. Directed by Warren Fu.

Miss Atomic Bomb – Tour Video. Directed by Giorgio Testi.


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