Year-End Note of 2012

One year will pass away. We’ve been here for two years and on (2012 year in blogging). From the list, we chose one important point we want to look back.

—   —   —

Time changes. But many of us are hoping there is something the same, right? How many of us are wanting someone and say ‘Don’t you ever change’?

It’s our concern nowadays. Some bands that we follow, not least to turn in another musical direction. There are two big reasons among others:

  1. To grow. Some band moving slowly, some are faster. Some are experimenting with certain music genres and instruments. We’ve seen that alternative artist were rising along the year. In fact, many are successful, but not a few also regrets the failure and condemned by their fans.
  2. To be famous or ‘well-charted’. This is a very poor reason. Though often invisible to us, but somebody wanted the band more famous by imitating ‘pop’ style. They even performed or tour together with ‘pop’ artists.

I’m sure that everyone are trying to improve their music. One thing that is expected from us, the fans, to appreciate each efforts. I think a fan and a band are couple, who pledged a promise to be with and always respecting each other whatever the condition over time, through thick and thin, and blah blah blah..

To other rock musicians with different subgenres, I think you will starting to like it after listening with sincerity. Open your heart and mind.

Also for other genre musicians. This time I have firmly stated that contemplating will not make better, instead it will affect the public’s interest to listen to our music.

So, that’s the important note at the end of this year. Next year, we’ll see some changes begin:

  1. Keep informed from your favorite artist.
  2. Love the music now and then. Give some advice and encouragement through various media.
  3. Do not insult other musicians. Give some respect.
  4. Begin to be opened up to other types of music. There are definitely some good things from their music. I personally listen to Eminem, and think that you too.
  5. Listen to your friends’ advice. Maybe you can like other bands, and
  6. Last but not least, keep sharing the music that we follow. Keep rock n roll all the time!!

In sight, next year will be a great time for hard rock or metal bands. Our most anticipated list of future releases will reveal it. Check it:

Have a great year of 2013!

“We know that the changes does not guarantee any improvement, but we should realize that no improvement can be achieved without changes.”


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