Listen Now: The Strokes “One Way Trigger”

It has pump-beats repeating in lines combined with Julian’s smooth take-breathing, then turns to normal voice and occasional tones ticking, and turn back again, and so on…

… I think this is generally electro-rock, and it’s ok for them. It may sound boring, but in terms of future, this is likely brings them to new, a promising age. In addition, this will gains new followers, but also may causing some lose. But, we must giving more support to them, in case they are very great bands. That is The Strokes in ‘One Way Trigger’.

I bet every band in the world needs to get evolved without losing their roots.

Back to the great info, the song ‘One Way Trigger’ is the first taste of their upcoming fifth album, coming this spring. There are more great info to come, including the first official single ‘All the Time’, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


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