Red to ‘Release the Panic’ This Week

Two years from ‘Until We Have Faces’ was released, Red is going to release their new album ‘Release the Panic’. The album will start shipping this week on Feb 5th. Songs that were already released, including ‘Perfect Life’, ‘Hold Me Now’, and the title track ‘Release the Panic’.

‘Release the Panic’ Track List.

  1. Release the Panic
  2. Perfect Life
  3. Die for You
  4. Damage
  5. Same Disease
  6. Hold Me Now
  7. If We Only
  8. So Far Away
  9. Glass House
  10. The Moment We Come Alive

Deluxe Edition. Bonus Tracks. Get your copy on iTunes.

  1. Love Will Leave a Mark
  2. As You Go
  3. Hymn for the Missing (Guillotine remix)
  4. Death of Me (Guillotine remix)
  5. Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)


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